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Rural Entrepreneur Stream

Rural Entrepreneur Stream Points Grid

The Rural Entrepreneur Stream Points Grid is for applicants who qualify to apply for the AAIP Rural Entrepreneur Stream. Besides, to apply one can submit an EOI profile via the AAIP portal.

Further, the EOI profile will get points as per the following factors:



Rural Factor (Max 25 points)

Business PlaceA rural community must be outside Edmonton and Calgary Census Metropolitan Areas. Also, the minimum size of the people in the rural community must be under 100,000.

Less than 10,000 people – Tier 125

10,001 to 50,000 people – Tier 217

50,001 to 99,999 people – Tier 310

Business Experience (20 points)

Either experience as an owner-manager or a part of senior management within 10 years.Business owner-manager

Minimum of 3 to less than 4 years experience12

4 to less than 5 years experience16

5 or more years of experience20

OR as a senior manager

Minimum of 4 to less than 5 year’s experience12

5 or less than 6 years of experience16

6 or more years20

Business Establishment (60 points)

Total Business Investment (Max 20 points)A minimum of $200,000 to $399,9995

$400,000 to $599,99910

$600,000 to $799,99915

$800,000 or more20

Net worth


(Max 10 points)

Minimum of $300,000 to $399,9996

$400,000 to $499,0008

$500,000 or more10

Job creationMinimum 1 job4

The job must be for a minimum period of 6 months. Also, this job must be created for permanent residents and Canadian citizens. However, the job must not be for the applicant’s relatives.


(Max 10 points)

2 jobs8

3 jobs12

4 jobs16

5 jobs or more20

Business Succession (Max 10 points)


Besides, this is not a compulsory factor under the AAIP Rural Entrepreneur Stream Points Grid

Investment for taking over an existing business10

Human Capital Factors (35 points)

Language Skill Level


(Max 25 points)

Minimum of CLB/NCLC 4 in English/French15

CLB/NCLC 5 in English/French20

CLB/NCLC 6 or higher in English/French25

Education Level


(Max 10 points)

Minimum of a high school level education at par with Canadian education level.4

Associate degree or diploma of a minimum of 1 year7

Bachelor’s or a higher degree10

Adaptability Factors (35 points)

Within the past 10 years – study/work experience in Canada/Alberta


(Max 15 points)

In Rural Alberta

12 to 24 months10

More than 24 months15

And or Non-rural Alberta areas Edmonton and Calgary Census Metropolitan Area

18 to 30 months6

More than 30 months10

And or in Canada

24 to 36 months3

36+ months5

Either relative(s) in Alberta or a rural community in Alberta


(Max 10 points)

Relative refers to:

  • Father

  • Step-father

  • Mother

  • Step-mother

  • Child

  • Step-child

  • Sister

  • Step-sister

  • Brother

  • Step-brother

Besides, the above relations can be of the main applicant or their spouse or common-law partner.


Alberta relative(s)5


Relatives living in a community where the applicant wants to live and run their business10

Either spouse or common-law partner’s education or language skill level (Max 5 points)CLB/NCLC 4 in English/French3

English/French – CLB/NCLC 54

CLB/NCLC 6 or more5

And or Education Level

Minimum of 1 year of Certificate, associate degree or diploma3

Bachelor’s degree or higher5



(Max 5 points)

21 – 49 years of age5

Maximum points 175

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